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Cedar Forest Practices and Certification

Courtesy of WRCLA

British Columbia, the main source of Western Red Cedar, is a leader in third-party sustainable forest management certification, with an area almost as large as the UK certified under one of three proven standards.

The three certification methods used in B.C. - the Canadian Standards Association’s Sustainable Forest Management Standard [CSA], the Sustainable Forestry Initiative [SFI] and the Forest Stewardship Council [FSC] – all involve independent, qualified third-party audits that measure a company’s planning, practices, systems and performance.

They all ensure that forest management promotes sustainability.  They all examine how operations address a range of forest values such as biological diversity, wildlife habitat, soils and water resources.  Furthermore, they all ensure that harvested areas are reforested, that laws are complied with, and that there is no unauthorized or illegal logging.  Finally, all three certification methods have non-industry participants and publicly-released audit results.

Virtually every major B.C. forest company, and many smaller ones, operate on certified lands.  Customers can be assured that if a supplier is issued a certificate demonstrating certification to the CSA, SFI, of FSC standards, the Western Red Cedar products they supply come from sustainable and well-managed forests.

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