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Benefits of Cedar

Why Cedar

Courtesy of WRCLA

Western Red Cedar is one of nature’s truly remarkable materials.  Not only does it have distinct beauty, natural durability and centuries of proven performance, it is the ultimate sustainable building product.  It produces fewer greenhouse gases, generates less water and air pollution, requires less energy to produce than alternatives and comes from a renewable and sustainable resource.  Today more than ever before, we must find ways to reduce the pressure on our planet’s environment and finite resources.  By choosing products with a light carbon footprint and by reducing waste, we can have a real impact on climate change now, and in the future.

Centuries ago, native peoples of the Pacific Northwest recognized the value of using sustainable materials.  Western Red Cedar’s natural durability, performance characteristics and versatility made it the preferred choice for building ocean-going canoes, post-and-beam houses and lodges.  Today, discerning architects and builders around the world enhance their projects with this beautiful and sustainable material.  Nature still knows best for, despite all efforts at imitation, no man-made product can match the beauty, performance and longevity of Western Red Cedar.