Gilbert Smith Forest Products

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About Us

Gilbert Smith Forest Products Ltd. is a family owned and operated cedar sawmill in the heart of British Columbia, Canada.

With over 42 years in the cedar lumber trade and over 100 years of family history in the cedar business, we have the experience and proven track record of a reliable producer of high quality products. From our operations in Barriere, BC, we produce and sell lumber, shavings, sawdust and chips.  From our woodlands operations, we also trade and sell whitewood and pulp logs.  Gilbert Smith Forest Products Ltd. is situated on 28 acres of industrial property, located within the Barriere town site adjacent to Highway 5, 60 kilometers north of Kamloops and 420 kilometers north east of Vancouver.  The plant includes a highly versatile sawmill and planer and produces a wide range of products as well as can complete specialty cutting programs based on a customers needs.